“To Help User Get What They Want”

Provide crowd-sourced solution to empower consumer-driven product development through interactions between user communities and corporations.


  • User’s wishes aggregated to form new markets

    1. The origin of the name "CUUSOO" is the Japanese word "空想 (kuusou)", which means "to imagine and wonder about something unlikely to happen or exist".

      It was always someone’s dream:
      "To get on an airplane and travel around the world"
      "To go beyond time and place, and connect with ones love"
      "To have a robot clean up the room"
      Many things we do today daily were originally products of imagination that popped up in someone’s mind. "CUUSOO" is the hope for the future, and the source of the power which people have been innovating the society with. Ever since its foundation, CUUSOO SYSTEM has been creating mechanisms to "materialize wishes".

      We hope to be a force to materialize as many wishes of user’s. It is also our obligation to firmly connect supply and demand for corporations as much as possible by facilitating mechanisms.

      We are creating today, and will continue to create the future so that our CUUSOO will materialize one day.


  • CUUSOO SYSTEM: BtoBtoC solutions to brands.

    1. Social Creation Platform that reduces the risk of new product development for brands.


  • History

    1. CUUSOO SYSTEM pioneers in the field of crowdfunding. We take it to our pride that we were the first to introduce the model from 1997.

    2. CUUSOO SYSTEM provides CUUSOO platforms. cuusoo.com is a self-branded platform, Sponsored platforms are operated in conjunction with brands such as MUJI (2001 - 2010), TEPCO (2004-2011), and LEGO® (2008 - 2014).

      1. Service Launched.

      2. First consumer-participated and crowd funded product developed ("Pq-1™" cellular phone cover).

      3. First enterprise system installed for MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku Co.,Ltd.)

      4. CUUSOO MUJI launched.

      5. LEGO® CUUSOO launched.

      6. "Switch! the design project" for TEPCO launched.

      7. LEGO® and CUUSOO agreed to upgrade LEGO® CUUSOO to an official LEGO® service LEGO® IDEAS.

      8. An official global open innovation platform "TEPCO CUUSOO" for TEPCO launched.

      9. An area specific online platform "Minnanoba" launched.

  • Management team

    1. Kohei Nishiyama, Founder & CEO
    2. Keizo Tannawa, External Director
    3. Matthew Romaine, External Director
    4. Lisa Kitabayashi, Auditor
  • Advisory board

    1. Joichi Ito
    2. Paal Smith Mayer
    3. Takeshi Natsuno
    4. May Okajima
    5. Harper Reed
  • Group company

    2. elephant design co., ltd.


  • Nonprofit activities

    For educational institutes

    Over 30 universities participate on CUUSOO platform to learn crowd funding methodology.

    1. 2006 - 2014
    2. Partnership with Universities :
      Aoyama Gakuin University / Chukyo University / Dokkyo University / Doshisha University / Fukushima University / Gakushuin University / Hannan University / Hitotsubashi University / Hosei University / International Buddhist University / Kansai Gakuin University / Kansai University / Keio University / Kinki University / Kobe University / Komazawa University / Meiji University / Musashi University / Nagoya City University / Nakamura Gakuen University / Nanzan University / Nihon University / Osaka City University / Ritsumeikan University / Shitennoji University / Sophia University / Takasaki City University of Economics / The University of Shiga Prefecture / Tohoku University / Tokyo International University / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Tokyo University of science / University of Hyogo / University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences / Wakayama University / Yamaguchi University / Yokohama City University


  • 2021 September:  Launching "Minnanoba", an interactive area site
    "Minnanoba", which means "our place" in Japanese, is an area specific online platform that aims to be come digital commons for those who are in the area. Both individuals and enterprises could collaborate to achieve goals that are otherwise difficult if tackled separately. The very first will be launched in Osaka's Higashi-Yodogawa area.

    In Japan, there are over 1000 industrial parks and clusters with businesses confronting depopulation and carbon neutral matters. Securing human resources, achieving carbon neutrality, and disaster preparedness are major issues that every business faces. "Minnanoba" will support businesses and local residents to work together to tackle these crucial social challenges. For details, please go to "Minnanoba" Interactive Area Site.

  • 2020 September:  CUUSOO Brick will be discontinued
    The service for CUUSOO Brick will be discontinued on September 24th, 2020. Many people have used our service and posted a variety of ideas over the approximately six years since the service was started in 2014. We express their utmost gratitude. Please click the below link to show detail.

    CUUSOO Brick will be discontinued

  • 2016 February:  Launch of the open innovation platform “TEPCO CUUSOO”
    TEPCO CUUSOO is launched as an official open innovation platform for Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). It aims to search technologies and ideas that have high potential to address the problems and challenges that TEPCO faces. Please click the link below to find out more.
    TEPCO CUUSOO finished its service on March 19, 2021. (updated on March 2021)

  • 2014 April:  LEGO® CUUSOO is now an official service of LEGO
    From 2008 to 2014, CUUSOO and LEGO® operated the LEGO® CUUSOO crowd sourcing platform, which led to a number of successful product launches for LEGO®, such as LEGO® Shinkai 6500, LEGO® HAYABUSA, LEGO® Minecraft, LEGO® Back to the Future, LEGO® NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, LEGO® Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set. With success of the platform, following agreement with CUUSOO, LEGO® now runs the site as LEGO® Ideas, at https://ideas.lego.com/


  • Address

    1. CUUSOO SYSTEM co., ltd.
      5F, Tokyo Design Center 5-25-19 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan

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